How to be safer

Practical steps you can take when you, your family or friends are drinking.

Throwing a party?

Click here for tips on hosting parties, and your responsibilities when serving alcohol.

While some parties can be spontaneous affairs, more often than not, you have some time to plan things. If you're planning to have alcohol at the party here are some tips to make sure things don't get out of hand. All of your guests can have a great time.

Thinking of making some changes?

Like a drink?

  •   Do you find it difficult to stop once you start?
  •   Bad shit often happen when you drink?
  •   Ever come round in A&E?
  •   Drinking got you in trouble with the law?
  •   Suffer monster hangovers?
  •   Drinking causing trouble with whānau?
  •   Drinking getting in the way of work?
  •   Never seem to have any money?
  •   Do you want to change your drinking habits?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions you probably have a problem with your drinking.

Like a drink? has been produced for people who have experienced some issues with their drinking and are thinking about making some changes.