Is your drinking okay?

Is your drinking okay? What sort of drinkerA drinker is a person who self-reports they currently consume alcohol. are you? Is the amount that you are drinking affecting your health? Are you worried that you may be drinking too much?

The Is Your Drinking Okay? test* can help you find out more about your level of risk from your drinking. Just complete the questionnaire and it will automatically add up your score and tell you what it means. It's that easy!

Take the test and find out if your drinking is okay.

More about the Is Your Drinking Okay test*

This test is based on the World Health Organization Alcohol AUDIT screening tool. It has been designed to gauge whether your drinking is putting you at risk.

This is an easy and quick way to get some straightforward feedback about your drinking and whether your drinking is potentially harmful.

Download a PDF of the printable version of this test, called DrinkCheck

* This test is for people 18 years or older