FASD Awareness month email banner

September 9 is International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day and September (the ninth month of the year) is FASD awareness month.

To show our support for this, HPA has produced the above banner image that can be used on emails during September to raise awareness about FASD awareness month and the importance of alcohol-free pregnancy. It is a small image that can be inserted at the bottom of email signatures.

Right click on the link below and click 'Save link as..' to download the email banner

FASD awareness month email image (PNG, 17KB)

Email signature image (instructions for Outlook)

  1. Save the email signature image somewhere you can easily navigate to
  2. Open a new message
  3. In the ‘Message’ tab, select ‘Signature’ then ‘Signatures’
  4. Select the place in your message you would like to place the image, then select ‘Insert Picture’ or on this icon
  5. Find the image (where you saved it earlier) and select ‘Insert’
  6. Select ‘OK’. The next new message you create should have your altered signature.

For more information about alcohol and pregnancy.