Manager's certification

There are two types of managers' certificates - general and club.

The club manager's certificate applies to a club licence. A general manager's certificate applies to other licences.

From 1 April 2006, all new general manager's certificate applicants and those renewing their general manager's certificates are required by law to hold the nationally recognised Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ).

About the Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ)

This qualification has been developed by the hospitality industry to standardise and improve the overall quality and skills of managers working on licensed premises. The LCQ can be applied for by anyone who has completed the two unit standards.

The LCQ applies to general managers only, not club managers.

You will need it before your application for a general manager's certificate will be considered by a District Licensing Agency.

How to gain the qualification

To gain your Licence Controller Qualification you will need to undertake the Unit Standard process and gain the unit standards required.

A manager applying for renewal of their certification will not be granted it unless they hold the LCQ. No new certificates will be issued without the applicant holding the LCQ.

The unit standard process

If you are a candidate for a general manager's certificate, then you must use this process to pass both unit standards to gain your qualification.

Both unit standards can be gained either from an NZQA accredited training provider, or from a Service IQ registered assessor, if you work in a Service IQ registered workplace.

The qualification itself is made up of two unit standards. These require you to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of the Sale of Liquor Act 1989 and implications for licensed premises (US4646)

  • demonstrate knowledge of Host Responsibility requirements as a duty manager of licensed premises (US16705).

Once you have the unit standards, you'll be issued with your Licence Controller Qualification. You then apply for the general manager's certificate at your local District Licensing Agency (DLA). Application forms are available from DLAs around the country.