ALAC welcomes initiatives to keep sevens' fans sober

Monday, 30 January 2012
/ Alcohol-related harm , Media Release

The Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC) has welcomed initiatives by the Wellington rugby Sevens’ organisers to encourage fans to arrive at the event sober.

“They are trying to reduce the amount people are drinking before they get there - the intent is good,” says ALAC acting Chief Executive Officer Dr Andrew Hearn.

“Coupled with the right controls on alcohol such as limiting the number of serves, preventing contraband alcohol being smuggled and active liquor management with a focus on preventing intoxication, it could make a real difference,” he said

The organisers have announced cash prizes of round $55,000 to encourage ticketholders to arrive before the first game kicks off, rather than partying in town and arriving later in the day.

For further information or comment contact ALAC Corporate Communications Manager Lynne Walsh on 021 369 081.