Grumpy Mole Saloon prosecution

Thursday, 12 February 2004
/ Legislation

A Lower Hutt bar manager, licensee and manager have been fined after a prosecution believed to be a first under the Sale of Liquor Act.

The Ministry of Health took the successful prosecution against the Grumpy Mole Saloon in Lower Hutt.

The prosecution followed the sale of five litre kegs of pre mixed bourbon and coke. The Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC) has welcomed the prosecution saying it has been concerned about such promotions for some time.

While the Sale of Liquor Act clearly states that it is an offence to hold promotions designed to encourage persons to excessive alcohol consumption, and there are guidelines round such promotions, this prosecution is the first clear indication as to what is unacceptable under the Act, said ALAC acting chief executive Paula Snowden.

Common sense would indicate that supplying a five litre keg for a table - this is about 20 standard drinks or three bottles of wine or an almost full bottle of spirits would seem to be promoting intoxication.

But in the case clearly the publican required convincing, she said.

"The case also clarifies that other enforcement agencies do not have to wait for the police to take an action."

Paula Snowden said enforcement of the law was critical to reduce intoxication and alcohol-related harm and to send the message that binge drinking and intoxication is not acceptable to New Zealanders.

Media; For further information contact ALAC Acting Chief Executive Paula Snowden on 021 577 904