2.3 Step 3 - Hearing preparation

Who is involved in this step?

The full DLC (chairs and members) and the parties to the hearing (the applicant and the agencies) are involved in this step. Members of the public who have lodged an objection are not a party to the hearing until the hearing commences and they are in attendance and have asked to speak.

This step covers

2.3.1     Legal requirements for Step 3: what the Act says

  • Who can make decisions on applications
  • When hearings are required
  • Notification of hearings
  • Selection of the DLC for the hearing
  • Objectors

2.3.2     Best practice guidance for DLCs for Step 3:

  • When to hold a hearing
  • Preparing for the hearing: what you need to do
  • You can determine your own hearings procedure
  • The roles of the DLC before, during and after hearings
  • Disclosure and timelines for providing information
  • Site visits
  • Adjournment prior to a hearing
  • Dealing with objections
  • The ‘parties’ to a hearing
  • Ensuring fairness to all parties
  • Agencies can facilitate community involvement in hearings