Alcohol licensing & hearings guide: a guide for regulatory agencies

Introduction to the guide

This regulatory agencies' guide is for:

  • Licensing inspectors from local government
  • New Zealand Police
  • Medical Officers of Health or their delegate.

If you work in one of these roles you may need to appear before a District Licensing Committee (DLC) on an application for an alcohol licence or Manager’s Certificate. This guide will help you prepare for DLC hearings.

How to use this guide

This online guide has five modules with useful information corresponding to a step in the alcohol licensing and hearings process.  Each module has a toolbox of links to additional resources, such as templates.  This guide also includes background information about the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (the Act) and how to gather and use evidence and develop the theory for a case. 

It is suggested that you work through modules 1-5 in numerical order or you can go directly to a module or supporting information. The background section about the Act is a useful starting point for those new to working in this area. 

Background: the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

Module 1 - Inquiry (inquiring into applications)

Module 2 - Report writing

Module 3 - Hearing preparation

Module 4 - The hearing (how hearings work)

Module 5 - After the hearing (what happens after the hearing)

Gathering and using information and evidence

Developing the theory of a case



The information contained in this online guide is intended as a general guide.
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