Smashed ’n Stoned? programme facilitator training

Training events
5 August 2019 to 24 December 2019
101 The Terrace
Wellington 6140
New Zealand
Organised by: 
HPA and the Odyssey Youth team

Smashed ’n Stoned? gives young people the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat and decide for themselves what they want to change about their alcohol and drug use.

What is Smashed ’n Stoned?

Smashed ’n Stoned? is an early intervention programme that assists young people to think about their alcohol and drug use, draw on their own strengths, set goals and compile an action plan, and make choices that improve their health and wellbeing.

Smashed ’n Stoned? is designed for 13 to 18-year-olds whose alcohol or drug use puts them at risk. It is recommended for groups of three to six young people working with a trained counsellor or youth worker.

The programme is not suitable for use as a whole class activity or for use with larger groups of young people.

Who can deliver the Smashed ’n Stoned? programme?

Only those who have completed the two-day facilitator training course can deliver the Smashed ’n Stoned? programme.  

Using Smashed n Stoned? with young people requires a reasonable level of counselling skills and experience, and as such, training is only available to those who are best placed to deliver the intervention. Trained counsellors, trained youth workers, and pastoral care staff in schools, who are regularly working with young people, are eligible to apply to participant in the training. 

What does the training course cover?

This is a very interactive two-day training workshop, delivered by the Youth Odyssey team.

The training provides opportunities to become familiar with, and practice using aspects of the programme materials and to explore values and approaches to working with young people facing alcohol and/or other drug issues. 

At the end of the two day training, participants will be familiar with the Smashed ‘n Stoned? programme materials, understand key considerations in facilitating the programme, and should be able to competently deliver the programme.

Trained Smashed ’n Stoned? facilitators are able to work with young people to:

  • create a positive environment for open discussion
  • help them complete self-reflection and skill development activities
  • inspire their curiosity and excitement about self-reflection and uncovering their potential
  • learn and practise skills that will help them be more in control of their lives.

Access to the workbooks for ongoing use with young people is available free of charge to those who have completed the facilitator training.

Apply to attend the training

Participants must commit to attending both full days (9am-4pm) of the training. The cost of training is covered by the Health Promotion Agency (HPA). Participants (or their organisation) are required to cover the costs of their time, overnight accommodation (if needed) and travel expenses.

Training dates and locations for 2019:

  • Gisborne - 12 & 13 September
  • Rotorua - 24 & 25 October
  • Queenstown - 21 & 22 November
  • Napier - 28 & 29 November
  • Hamilton - 5 & 6 December

Please complete the application form to assist HPA to determine if the training will be appropriate for you.

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