Get started

The first place to start is by talking to the right people and gathering the right information to help you make decisions on the best ways to make change in your community. 

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Talk to other people who are interested in taking action and making change in your community. If you are concerned about the impact alcohol is having on your community, chances are so are others.
  2. Talk to people who work in public health, treatment, local government and community safety as they could help you with your ideas. There may already be an existing community group focused on reducing alcohol harm that you could help you with your project.
  3. We can help you identify some people in your community who already work on reducing alcohol harms. See the Get support section.
  4. Call a community meeting and invite all the people you have identified. 
  5. Investigate any local information on alcohol harms in your community eg, community wellbeing plans, community profiles, local alcohol research, local alcohol statistics, and alcohol harm reduction plans.
  6. Bring together as much information as possible and use this information to inform your plan of action.