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Welcome to our digital toolkit of resources that can be used for promotional activity to support the Department of Lost Nights - the latest phase of the Say Yeah, Nah campaign by Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency.


Department of Lost Nights - tools Instructions for use


Swap your next drink for water [MP3]

Swap your next drink for food [MP3]

Skip the next round [MP3]

You are welcome to download and use any of the radio ads.

Stay In The Night logo 'lockup'

Download B&W version, jpeg

Download pink and white version, jpeg

This logo is used on campaign materials to identify the campaign.

Email banner signature

This is a small banner image that can be inserted at the bottom of your work email signature.

Download email banner [JPEG, 585KB]

Right click on the banner image or link below it and click 'Save link as..' to download the email banner. 

For Microsoft Outlook

  • Save the email signature image somewhere you can easily navigate to.
  • Open a new message
  • In the ‘Message’ tab, select ‘Signature’ then ‘Signatures’
  • Select the place in your message you would like to place the image, then select ‘Insert Picture’ or on this icon 
  • Find the image (where you saved it earlier) and select ‘Insert’
  • Select ‘OK’. The next new message you create should have your altered signature.

You can also find instructions for inserting images as email signatures using Microsoft Outlook - here and instructions for Gmailhere.​

Effects of drinking alcohol infosheets

Effects of drinking alcohol infosheet Effects of drinking alcohol infosheet Effects of drinking alcohol infosheet

  • Long-term health effects of drinking alcohol poster infosheet  – Download here [PDF, 71B]
  • Short-term effects of drinking alcohol poster infosheet  – Download here [PDF, 72 KB]
  • What happens when I drink alcohol? infosheet - Download here [PDF, 129KB]

Posters and information sheets about the effects of drinking alcohol available for download and are also available printed. The poster images can downloaded and printed in A4 or A3 and are available as A4 posters.

Useful links

There is lots of useful information on this website. Have a look around.

You can also contact a Te Hiringa Hauora Regional Manager - Find contact details.

If you need help accessing the above resources, please email