Guidance for regulatory agencies

The following guidance information is available to assist regulatory agencies in their work. 

Alcohol Licensing and Hearings Guide for Regulatory Agencies

 This is an online guide that provides information about:

  • the Sale and  Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (background information)
  • ​inquiring into applications (Module 1)
  • report writing (Module 2)
  • hearing preparation (Module 3)
  • how hearings work (Module 4)
  • what happens after a hearing (Module 5)
  • gathering and using information and evidence
  • developing the theory for a case. ​

It also includes templates, report examples and links to other useful information.

Go to the Alcohol Licensing and Hearings Guide for Regulatory Agencies 

Controllled Purchase Operations (CPOs) Guidelines

This book resource includes guidance information, checklists, information sheets and forms. 

Go to the CPO Guidelines

CollborAction website

CollborAction is a website for regulatory agencies It has an e-learning tool and manuals about aspects of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. The website requires a secure login access. This can be requested from the home page of CollaborAction. 

Go to the CollaborAction website -