Compulsory and discretionary conditions

The following conditions are compulsory:

  • Stating the days and hours during which alcohol may be sold or delivered (s.116(2)).
  • Stating the fees payable for licensing the premises (s.116(2)).
  • Stating (directly or by description) a place or places on the premises at which drinking water is freely available to customers, while alcohol is being supplied free as a sample on the premises (s116(2)).
  • For supermarkets and grocery stores - designating single alcohol area relating to the display and promotion of alcohol (s.112).

The following conditions are discretionary (s.116(1)):

  • Prescribing steps to be taken by the licensee to ensure that the provisions of the Act relating to the sale of alcohol to prohibited persons are observed.
  • Prescribing the people or kinds of person to whom alcohol may be sold or supplied.
  • Where the principal business is not the manufacture or sale of alcohol, conditions relating to the kind or kinds of alcohol that may be sold on or delivered from the premises.

The District Licensing Committee/ARLA may also impose any other reasonable condition that is not inconsistent with the Act (s.117).


  • It may be more appropriate to request the applicant provide an undertaking to address any specific concerns around alcohol-related harm e.g. no single sales of alcohol under $7 a unit.
  • This should be noted on the bottom of the licence as ‘An undertaking applies to this licence’.