This section covers key aspects of the Act for on-licences. 

Key definitions from the Act

  • s.5 alcohol-related harm, amenity and good order of the locality, bar, hotel, licence, manager, permitted trading hours, premises, principal entrance, public notice, restaurant, restricted area, supervised area, tavern
  • s.14 On-licences generally
  • s.15 On-licences: BYO restaurants
  • s.16 On-licences: caterers

Key sections of the Act (in addition to those above)

  • s.3 Purpose of Act
  • s.4 Object of Act
  • s.28 Who can hold on­licences, off­licences, and special licences
  • s.37 On-licences for BYO restaurants
  • s.38 On-licences for caterers
  • ss.43-45 Permitted trading hours
  • s.46 No sale or supply outside permitted trading hours: all licences
  • s.47 Sale and supply on Anzac Day morning, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas Day restricted: on-licences
  • ss.51-54 Non-alcoholic drinks, low alcohol drinks, food, transport information all to be available
  • ss.56-57 Display of signs and licence
  • s.100 Form of application
  • s.103 Police, Medical Officer of Health, and Inspector must inquire into applications
  • s.105 Criteria for issue of licences
  • s.106 Considering effects of issue or renewal of licence on amenity and good order of locality
  • s.110 Particular conditions: on-licences
  • s.119 Restricted and supervised areas
  • s.120 Variation of conditions
  • s.126 Renewal of licence held by caterer
  • s.127 Application for renewal of licence
  • s.131 Criteria for renewal
  • s.280 Variation, suspension or cancellation of licences other than special licences

Key forms

  • Form 3 (Sale and Supply of Alcohol Regulations 2013). Application for on-licence or renewal of on-licence.
  • Note that different District Licensing Committees may have developed their own application forms/ additional requirements.