Trading restrictions

This section looks at ensuring the off-licence aligns with any policies or regulations that may place restrictions on the trading hours for a licence.

Trading days and hours

Are there any restrictions on hours imposed by resource consent or a Local Alcohol Policy (LAP), or has an undertaking been made in relation to days and hours of trade?

Territorial authorities may have an operational LAP. Check with your District Licensing Committee to see if a LAP is in place and, if so, what conditions the LAP permits.

Who does this?

Licensing Inspector and Police.

Trading hour restrictions

Have the statutory conditions in s.47 been applied to the licence?

  • The holder of an on-licence must ensure that no alcohol is sold or supplied on the premises on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and until 1pm on Anzac Day.
  • There are exceptions for those living on the premises and those present on the premises for the purposes of dining.

Other legislation

Is there any other legislation that may prevent the granting of this application?

  • A District Plan sets out policies and rules on the use, development and protection of land and natural resources in line with the RMA eg, operating a tavern in a trust area, park, reserve or on Department of Conservation land.