1.5.3 When do conflicts of interest arise?

A conflict of interest can arise when:

  • you or somebody closely connected to you (including a company) could benefit financially or otherwise from a DLC decision, either directly or indirectly
  • your duty to the DLC competes with a duty or loyalty you have to another organisation or person.

Examples of real or perceived conflicts of interest for DLC members could include:

  • being related to an applicant or any other parties
  • having a financial interest in a premises or its competitor
  • being on close personal terms with an applicant or any other parties
  • belonging to a group that is a party to a hearing
  • having a pre-stated position either supporting or opposing a live matter in the proceedings, even if this is the sale and supply of alcohol generally  
  • having made public comments (including online) either supporting or opposing the specific premises or parties to the application 
  • being or knowing the property owner of the site of the premises.

You need to be sure that you have no conflict of interest which would make it inappropriate for you to take part in the decision. Even where no actual bias exists, you should be careful to avoid the perception of bias. This includes any situation where it could be perceived that your personal interest or loyalties could affect your decision making. 

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