1.5.6 What happens if a member has to stand down?

If a member has to stand down due to a conflict of interest, the secretary can select another member from the list of members maintained by the council. If the chair has to stand down, the deputy chair will take the chair’s role. Every DLC should have a deputy chair or additional commissioners who can take on the role of chair if the chair needs to stand down.  

If all the members have a conflict of interest, the secretary (on instruction from the chair) can either refer the application to ARLA to be heard (with leave of ARLA) or go back to the council to appoint new members to hear the application.

If a conflict of interest comes to light at the start of a hearing, the most likely outcome would be to adjourn the hearing. A new date would be set when a new member had been appointed to the DLC. This process would be described and form part of the minutes attached to the hearing.

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