Toolbox - 2.3 Step 3 - Hearing preparation

Example of an opening submission - 1
Example of an opening submission - 2
Example of a closing submission
Example Brief of Evidence to ARLA
Example witness list

Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 references for 2.3 Step 3 – Hearing preparation

99          Applications to be made to licensing committee

105        Criteria for issue of licences

106        Considering effects of issue of renewal of licence on
              amenity and good order of locality

131        Criteria for renewal

136        Temporary authorities: on-licences and off-licences

140         Objections to applications

186         Territorial authorities to appoint district licensing

187         Functions of licensing committees

188         Powers of licensing committees

189         Composition of licensing committees

190         Meetings of licensing committees

191         Quorum

192         Territorial authority to establish and maintain list of
               licensing committee’s members

193         Appointment of commissioners

194         Resignation or removal

200         Application of Local Government Official Information and
               Meetings Act 1987

201         Licensing authority and licensing committees have
               powers of commissions of inquiry

202         Procedure 
               202(3)  when a hearing is required

203         Proceedings of licensing authority and licensing

204         Right of certain persons to appear in proceedings

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