2b. Notes on Conditions template for club licence

A. Who alcohol may be served to (s 60)

A club licence allows its holder to sell and supply alcohol to ‘authorised customers’, defined as club members, their invited guests, and members of other clubs that have arrangements for reciprocal visiting rights.

The prescribed form for a club licence in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Regulations 2013 (Form 11) includes the following introductory wording:

Pursuant to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 [Name of club] is authorised to sell and supply alcohol, on the premises situated at [number, street, and town] and known as [name of premises], for consumption on the premises, to any person who—

  • is member of the club; or
  • is on the premises at the invitation of, and is accompanied by, a member of the club; or
  • is a member of some other club with which the club has an arrangement for reciprocal visiting rights for members.

If a club licence holder also wants to be able to serve the invited guests of members of other clubs, an express condition to that effect must be sought and stated on the licence.

B. Certificated manager

There is no requirement to have a certificated manager on duty at all times at a club (s 215(1)(a)). However, there may be circumstances in which it would be advisable to require one or more managers to be on duty, for example a chartered club or a club with a very large membership. In such circumstances, s 215(3) empowers the DLC to impose a condition requiring a manager to be on duty for specified days and times.

C. Food

Most sports style clubs will not have a kitchen or emphasise the service of meals, hence the choice of food clause. Some clubs, however, do have restaurants and in that case the clause used for restaurant/café and hotel style operations might be more appropriate:

Food must be available for consumption on the premises at all times the premises are open for the sale and supply of alcohol, in accordance with the sample menu supplied with the application for this licence or menu variations of a similar range and standard.

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