3b. Notes on Conditions template for general on-licence

A. Days and hours

The mini-bars exception to the default national maximum hours only applies to hotels, which are defined as:

premises used or intended to be used in the course of business principally for providing to the public—

(a) lodging; and

(b) alcohol, meals, and refreshments for consumption on the premises

B. Designation

Section 119 requires that hotel and tavern style premises, or part/s of them, at all times be designated as a Supervised Area or a Restricted Area. There is no requirement to designate other types of premises, but the DLC may choose to do so.

Sample ‘whole of premises’ designations

The whole of the premises is designated as a Restricted Area

The whole of the premises is designated as a Supervised Area

Split designations

A split designation may be appropriate in some circumstances, for example:

  • Hotel

The area marked ‘Bar’ on the plan of the premises date stamped [day/month/year] is designated as a Restricted Area, the area marked ‘Lounge’ is designated as a Supervised Area, and the area marked ‘Restaurant’ is not designated.

  • Café/restaurant – ie, premises where the sale of alcohol is not the principal purpose

Until 9.30pm the whole of the premises is undesignated. From 9.30pm the area marked ‘Bar’ on the attached plan is designated as a Supervised Area.

Apart from where there is a split designation, there is no need to specify that the premises are ‘undesignated’.

For hotels

It is recommended that mini-bars generally not be designated (for practical reasons), but that licensees be asked to confirm that alcohol is removed from them in the event of rooms being hired to minors.

C. Plan of licensed premises

The DLC has agreed as a protocol for defining the premises that the decision will include a statement that the premises are as set out on “the plan date stamped [specify date]” and a direction that a note to this effect be made on the licence.

For hotels

Care should be taken to ensure that any description of the licensed premises includes any mini-bars.

D. Principal entrance

Past practice has been to specify the designated principal entrance to the premises on the licence, but not as a condition. When this is named in the decision, this will be done by the secretary. Alternatively, you may wish to include a licence condition specifying the principal entrance.

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