4a. Conditions template for off-licence (bottle store)

  1. Subject to condition 3, alcohol may be sold on and delivered from the premises for consumption off the premises, or supplied free as a sample for consumption on the premises, only on the following days and hours: [specify].
  2. No alcohol is to be sold on or delivered from the premises on Good Friday, Easter Sunday or Christmas Day or before 1.00 pm on Anzac Day.
  3. A remote sale of alcohol may be made at any time on any day. Any alcohol sold by remote sale must not be delivered at any time between 11pm and 6am the next day.
  4. For any remote sale, the licensee must comply with the requirements in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Regulations 2013 for signage and to ensure the purchaser is not a minor.
  5. While alcohol is being supplied free as a sample, water is to be provided to patrons free of charge at the place where the samples are being supplied.
  6. The following parts of the premises are designated: [specify].
  7. The licensee must have available for consumption off the premises, at all times when the premises are open for the sale and supply of alcohol, a reasonable range of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages.
  8. A properly appointed certificated or acting or temporary manager must be on duty at all times, within the licensed area, when the premises are open for the sale and supply of alcohol, and their full name must be on a sign prominently displayed in the premises.
  9. The licensee must display at the premises:
    1. at every point of sale, signs detailing restrictions on the sale and supply of alcohol to minors and intoxicated persons
    2. at the principal entrance to the premises, so as to be easily read by people immediately outside the premises, a sign stating the ordinary hours of business during which the premises will be open for the sale of alcohol
    3. a copy of the licence attached to the inside of the premises so as to be easily read by people entering each principal entrance.

The premises are as set out on the plan submitted with the application and date stamped [day, month, year]. A note to this effect is to be made on the licence.

DATED at [place, date]


Secretary, District Licensing Committee

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