5a. Conditions template for off-licence (remote sales)

The licence is to be endorsed with ‘Section 40 applies’.

  1. Alcohol may be sold from the premises at any time on any day, and delivered somewhere else for consumption off the premises, only on the following days and hours: [specify  eg 6am-11pm].
  2. No alcohol is to be delivered from the premises on Good Friday, Easter Sunday or Christmas Day or before 1.00 pm on Anzac Day.
  3. No alcohol is to be delivered to the buyer (or to any other person on the buyer’s behalf) at any time between 11:00pm and 6:00am the following day, on any day of the week.
  4. There must be a certificated manager properly appointed to the business by the licensee.
  5. The licensee must follow the procedures set out in Regulation 14 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Regulations 2013 to ensure that neither the purchaser nor the person to whom alcohol is delivered is a minor.
  6. The licensee must state the licensee’s name, licence number and date the licence expires:
    1. on every receipt issued for alcohol sold remotely
    2. in every catalogue, if alcohol is sold by remote sale using catalogues
    3. on the internet site, if alcohol is sold by remote sale using an internet site
  7. If alcohol is sold by remote sale using an internet site, the site must also display either a legible image of the licence, or a clearly identified link to such an image.

The premises are as set out on the plan submitted with the application and date stamped [day, month, year]. A note to this effect is to be made on the licence.


DATED at [place, date]


Secretary, District Licensing Committee

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