7a. Conditions template for off-site special licence

  1. Alcohol may be sold on the premises for consumption off the premises, and supplied free as a sample for consumption on the premises, on the following days and hours: [specify].
  2. While alcohol is being supplied free as a sample, water is to be provided to patrons free of charge at the place where the samples are being supplied.
  3. Only the licensee’s alcohol may be sold and supplied under this licence.
  4. Alcohol is not to be supplied free, as a sample, for consumption on the premises, at a time when the premises are not open for the sale of the licensee’s alcohol for consumption somewhere else.
  5. Alcohol is not to be sold for consumption on the premises at any time when the licensee does not also hold for the premises a special licence designated as an on-site special licence.
  6. A certificated manager must be on duty at all times when the premises are open for the sale of alcohol.


A person nominated by the applicant to be responsible for managing the conduct of the premises must be on duty at all times when the premises are open for the sale and supply of alcohol.


No condition in relation to management of the event.

Discretionary conditions (common)

  1. The licensee must display:
    1. at every point of sale, signage detailing restrictions on the sale and supply of alcohol to minors and intoxicated persons
    2. a copy of the licence attached to the premises so as to be easily read by persons attending the premises
    3. a sign prominently displayed at the premises that identifies by name the manager on duty.

Discretionary conditions (rare)

  1. The stall area must be clearly defined.
  2. Alcohol may be sold only to the following types of people: [specify eg, ticket holders].
  3. A one-way door restriction shall apply from [specify time]. Patrons may not enter from this time; exit only.
  4. The licensee must ensure compliance with the provisions of the Act regarding sale to prohibited persons.
  5. Tastings must be provided only in [cans/plastic containers/PET cups/polycarbonate ‘glassware’].
  6. The licensee must comply with the Alcohol Management Plan (AMP) dated [day, month, year] appended to this licence.
  7. The licensee must provide information and advice about forms of transport available to patrons from the licensed premises.
  8. The premises are as set out on the plan submitted with the application and date stamped [day, month, year]. A note to this effect is to be made on the licence.


DATED at [place, date]


Secretary, District Licensing Committee

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