8b. Notes on conditions for on-licence (conveyance)

A. Days and hours condition for a vessel

If the application is for an on-licence for a vessel, there is case law to the effect that a vessel which is moored, not sailing and not transporting passengers is neither a premises nor a conveyance for the purposes of the licensing regime unless the vessel cannot ever move. See Parore Charter and Diving Ltd LLA PH 746/2004; Parore Charter and Diving Ltd LLA PH 490/2005; and Cat -A-Rac  LLA PH 255/2011The ‘days and hours’ condition recommended above for use for vessels addresses this.

B. Designation

There is no requirement to designate a conveyance, but the DLC may choose to do so.

C. Plan of licensed premises

The DLC has agreed as a protocol for defining the premises that the decision will include a statement that the premises are as set out on “the plan date stamped [specify date]” and a direction that a note to this effect be made on the licence.

D. Principal entrance

Past practice has been to specify the designated principal entrance to the premises on the licence, but not as a condition. When this is named in the decision, this will be done by the secretary. Alternatively, you may wish to include a licence condition specifying the principal entrance.

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