Not Beersies at On the Lawn 2015

'On the Lawn' is an example of a local promotion that ran during the summer of 2015. It involved promoting water at an outdoor music festival using Not Beersies messaging and resources.

‘On the Lawn’ was a new event for Mt Maunganui in January 2015.

It was organised to create a sophisticated and responsible festival environment. It presented Tauranga Moana Safe City with an ideal opportunity to partner with Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency to promote ‘Not Beersies’ in a fun and effective way.

The promotion consisted of setting up a site with the Environment Centre Hydro Hub - a large purpose-built water tanker that provides filtered drinking water. Staff were clothed in ‘Not Beersies’ t-shirts, and a ‘chill-out’ zone was provided using retro sun loungers and colourful water jugs.

Local staff and Te Hiringa Hauora Regional Manager – Andrew Galloway

‘On the Lawn’ was a new and potentially risky festival event. It was close to New Year, with high visitor numbers to the city looking to party.

The promotion hit the target audience of the Not Beersies (18 to 35-year-olds) and had a positive influence on the behaviour of patrons. The promotion also served to back up event organisers’ efforts to implement responsible alcohol management practices. No incidents were recorded by Police, Event Security or St John Ambulance.