Check for variations to conditions

If you disagree with any proposed variation(s), you should state your opposition in your report. You may wish to take a stance in relation to the appropriate condition/s to be applied to the licence.

Hours/days of operation

  • Some licensees may wish to extend their hours. This is something that the Licensing Inspector will address following consultation with the other regulatory agencies. Any request for an extension of hours must be considered in the context of any inconsistencies between the conditions as proposed and any relevant LAP or District Plan requirements. An application to extend the hours of operation may also require new resource consent.

Variation to premises

  • Sometimes changes to the premises may be proposed, ongoing or completed.  The premises may be renovated or extended.  Depending on the nature of the changes, a building certificate may be required and new plans required.  If there is a change in the nature of the operation, a new resource consent certificate may also be required and other provisions in the Act may be triggered.


  • Sometimes removal of designation or re-designation of a restricted or supervised area is sought in an application for renewal. lf the removal of a designation is sought, think about how this might impact on the ability of the licensee to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors. You should look at what steps the licensee has put in place to ensure that alcohol is not sold or supplied to minors.
  • If you disagree with the proposed situation around any designation, this could be a matter for opposition. In the opposition you may wish to take a stance in relation to the proper designation to be applied to an area or premises.

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

  • Check if the applicant’s existing or proposed new configuration of the premises meets the requirements of the Act. (Link to ‘Ensure there is a single alcohol area…’. Page 8)
  • A new single-area condition may be imposed on the renewal of an off-licence that is either not subject to a single-area condition or is subject to a single-area condition that is materially different from what is sought.  If this occurs, the District Licensing Committee may state a period of up to 18 months from the date of renewal, during which the new single-area condition will not apply. The period of time must be no longer than reasonably necessary to enable the licensee to configure the premises so that the new single-area condition can be complied with (e.g. it will take x number of months to order and replace shelving). Other conditions may be imposed during this time period, to apply while the new single-area condition does not apply (s.115).
  • Who does this?

Licensing Inspector.

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