Is the application complete?

The form of application is prescribed in the Regulations: Form 3 – Application for on-licence or renewal of on-licence.

At a local level, territorial authorities may add extra requirements for the applicant eg, additional Host Responsibility questions.

On receiving an application for licence, there is an initial check for completeness before the details are entered into a document management system.

On-licence applications must contain the following:

On-licence application checklist (new applications and renewals)  

A signed application form. This form should be signed by the applicant or on-behalf of the applicant, by an authorised person such as the director of a company.

The prescribed fee.  
Prescribed information about the applicant, premises, managers, business details and conditions (see Form 3), including evidence that the applicant can hold a licence to sell alcohol under the Act.  
A floor plan of the premises clearly showing the area to be licensed, the principal entrance, and any area to be designated as a supervised or restricted area.  
A statement regarding compliance with fire safety standards.  
Except in the case of an application relating to a conveyance, a Resource Management Act (RMA) certificate and a building code certificate (check for restrictions in the RMA certificate in relation to the style of premises, eg, some restaurants and night-clubs may be taverns by definition).  
For a body corporate applicant, copy of certificate of incorporation (or equivalent document).  

Other relevant information that may be asked for, depending on the territorial authority (to assist in assessing relevant s105 criteria):

  • Details of relevant experience of applicant/directors etc.
  • Alcohol management plan or host responsibility policy and host responsibility implementation policy/plan.
  • CPTED checklist.
  • Proposed employee training manuals/logs/induction/terms of employment policies.
  • Any business plan.
  • Noise management plan.
  • Security plan/crowd management plan.
  • Plan for managing any outside areas.
  • Details of other beverages apart from alcohol eg, non-alcoholic, low alcohol.
  • Food menu.
  • Photos/artist impressions of the premises.
  • A scale plan showing the design and layout.
  • Map of the location.
  • Detail of any other on-premises activity eg, karaoke, gaming machines.
  • Statement dealing with the impact or otherwise on the amenity and good order of the locality.


Who does this?

It is the role of the Secretary of the District Licensing Committee to ensure that the application is complete before it is sent to the Police, Licensing Inspector and Medical Officer of Health. In some locations this task may be delegated in writing to territorial authority staff or the Licensing Inspector.

It is important to note that if the application is incomplete it may be returned by the agencies and this will impact on time taken to process the application.

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