Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency organises seminars about new research, projects and initiatives to reduce alcohol-related harm. 

Seminar: Mid to older years adults' alcohol use

Te Hiringa Hauora hosted a seminar in Wellington on 25 October 2018 to share findings from new research into New Zealand’s mid-life and older adults’ alcohol use, and the effects and impacts of their drinking on their health and wellbeing.

You can access all presentation videos from this seminar via Vimeo or you can view individual presentations and slides below.

Alcohol and mid-life adults: A literature review - ­Caroline Maskill and Ian Hodges, HealthSearch Limited

View this presentation on Vimeo. This presentation is slides with audio only.

Presentation focus:

Caroline Maskill presents a summary of findings of a literature review on alcohol and mid-life adults, including a profile of mid-life drinkers and information gaps.

Te Hiringa Hauora-commissioned report of this research:

  • Alcohol and mid-life adults in New Zealand: A literature review (2019) (available soon).

Ready to contemplate? Mid-life adults and their relationship with alcohol
- Jane Falloon, Research New Zealand, and Teresa Taylor, T & T Consulting

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Presentation focus:

Jane Falloon and Teresa Taylor present findings from qualitative research of consumer insights into mid-life adults and their relationship with alcohol that provides an understanding of:

  • past and current drinking behaviours
  • triggers for contemplation and barriers to act
  • ways of connecting with this group to move contemplation into action.

Te Hiringa Hauora-commissioned report of this research:

The role of alcohol in older people’s lives and patterns of alcohol use over the lifespan
- Massey University and The University of Auckland

View this presentation on Vimeo.

Presentation  focus:

Dr Andy Towers from Massey University presents an overview of alcohol-related findings from the older persons research programme which analysed data from the New Zealand Health, Work and Retirement Longitudinal Study (NZHWR).  It includes: a brief look at international comparisons; prevalence and longitudinal drinking patterns of older drinkers; and a more in-depth look at New Zealanders’ alcohol consumption patterns across the lifespan.

Te Hiringa Hauora-commissioned reports from this research:

Related research report:

Panel discussion 

View the panel discussion on Vimeo. 

Seminar panel discussion:

A question and answer panel discussion on the practical implications of the findings about mid to older adults' alcohol use with:

  • Cath Edmondson, General Manager - Policy, Research and Advice, Te Hiringa Hauora (facilitator)
  • Dr Andy Towers, Senior Lecturer, Massey University
  • Dr John McMenamin, General Practitioner, Whanganui
  • Associate Professor Janie Sheridan, The University of Auckland.