SAY NOW guidelines & toolbox for sports clubs

SAY NOW is a collaborative education awareness approach to reducing alcohol-related harm through sports clubs.

Aims of the programme are to provide an environment to nurture young players’ potential and promote the sports club as a family environment.

This programme encourages decision makers within sports clubs to foster environments that model responsible drinking behaviours.

SAY NOW provides a forum for bringing together sporting role models and key stakeholders in your community (eg health sector agencies, NZ Police, local government, Accident Compensation Corporation and other interested agencies or community group representatives) to raise awareness of alcohol-related harm.

Clubs who choose to implement SAY NOW in their community can make a significant contribution to curbing the heavy drinking culture in New Zealand.

Three components of the SAY NOW model:

  • Development of responsible attitudes and behaviors towards drinking
  • Creation of safer drinking environments 
  • Demonstration of positive youth development.

The SAY NOW Guidelines and tools

The SAY NOW Guidelines and the tools in the SAY NOW Toolbox are being hosted in the HPA's  Alcohol Brand Library. Resources are free to download. They provide you with a step-by-step guide to the model and templates to assist you in the delivery of a SAY NOW project.

When you request the guidelines, you can also request to download the tools or request them later after reading the guidelines. We will also provide contact details for the Canterbury Police Alcohol Strategy and Enforcement Team, Sport Canterbury representatives and HPA's Regional Managers who will answer any queries you have about SAY NOW.