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Under Age Host Responsibility Poster

25 October 2017

'Alcohol will not be sold to minors' A4 poster for use in licensed premises and at event where alcohol is sold.

Download (pdf, 217.39 KB)

Gone Too Far? Intoxicated? poster

1 September 2017

An A4 poster for licensed premises.

Download (pdf, 224.06 KB)

Date of Birth card

6 June 2017

Date of Birth pocket sized cards for bar and security staff to assist them correctly calculate a patron’s age from their date of birth. The information on the cards is also available as A3 and/or A4 posters.

Download (pdf, 299.43 KB)

National guidance on remote sales of alcohol

14 December 2016

This short guidance document is for individuals and businesses who sell alcohol remotely. It describes the types of remote sellers and the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 requirements that need to be met to sell alcohol remotely.

Download (pdf, 121.61 KB)

Straight up Guide to Standard Drinks pamphlet

30 April 2016

A pamphlet that explains what a standard drink is and shows how many standard drinks are in a range of types of alcoholic drinks.  

Download (pdf, 438.42 KB)

Have your say about alcohol in your community

9 June 2015

This booklet explains how to have a say about the sale and supply of alcohol in your community. 


Download (pdf, 120.41 KB)

Intoxication Prevention Tool A3

2 June 2015

A3 Poster with information and advice to prevention intoxication on licensed premises. 

Download (pdf, 66.59 KB)

Guidelines for Hosting Safe and Successful Large Wine Events

5 June 2014

These guidelines are to assist organisers of large-scale wine events to deliver safe and successful events. 

Download (pdf, 2.05 MB)

Guidelines for Safe Zones at Large Events

17 December 2013

An A4 guideline document about safe zones at large events.  It is for event organisers and Safe Zone providers and helps them plan for and provide a Safe Zones for intoxicated patrons at large events, as part of an Alcohol Management Plan. These Guidelines supplement, and should be used in conjunction, with the HPA's Guidelines for Managing Alcohol at Large Events which recommends that it is sensible for organisers of large events to provide a safe place for intoxicated patrons.

Download (pdf, 6.69 MB)

Alcohol Accords Book

13 June 2013

This is a guideline document to assist communities with the development of alcohol accords to minimise alcohol related harm.

This resource is only available electronically.

Download (pdf, 407.46 KB)

Health Impact Assessment Guidelines

2 April 2013

A tool that can be used to assist local alcohol planning, eg, local alcohol polices, development of alcohol strategies and alcohol control bylaws and specific alcohol-related issues such as outlet density or trading hours of licensed premises.

This resource is only available electronically.

Download (pdf, 1.96 MB)