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What happens when I drink alcohol? infosheet

30 March 2021

An infosheet explaining what happens in the body when a person drinks alcohol. It covers how alcohol gets into the blood and what happens next in different parts of the body and in an unborn baby. 

Download (pdf, 152.32 KB)

Evidence summary - Alcohol and Pregnancy

30 October 2019

A summary of evidence relating to alcohol and pregnancy.

Download (pdf, 143.16 KB)

Energy in alcoholic drinks infosheet

19 July 2019

An infosheet about alcohol as a source of energy (kilojoules or Calories). It includes a graphic of kilojoules in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and foods. 

Download (pdf, 155.91 KB)

Alcohol and Older People booklet

30 September 2018

A booklet for older people and their families, friends and carers. It is also for anyone interested in finding out more about alcohol and ageing.

It has information about:

  • how our bodies become less able to cope with alcohol as we age
  • how alcohol affects certain medicines and health conditions
  • how much alcohol is too much when you’re older
  • what older people can do if they think they have a drinking problem.
  • what family/whānau can do.
Download (pdf, 836.66 KB)

Alcohol and pregnancy pamphlet

12 September 2018

This is a new pamphlet for women and their families. It has information on why it's important not to drink while pregnant, the risks of drinking, and harms to a baby, including fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). It also has information about breastfeeding.

Download (pdf, 258.49 KB)

Check your Drinking Poster and Ad

3 July 2018

A landscape, printable poster or print ad (PDF format) that directs people to the Is your drinking okay? quiz on to test their drinking. The image includes the Say Yeah, Nah campaign logo.

A small square online ad (JPEG format) is also available to download here. This online ad image needs to be hyperlinked to 

Use the poster or online ad in e-newsletters and print newsletters, on websites and intranets, in social media posts, on TV screens and noticeboards in waiting rooms and workplace cafeterias and bathrooms.  

Download (pdf, 1.38 MB)

Alcohol-free pregnancy key messages infosheet

3 May 2018

An infosheet with key national messages about alcohol-free pregnancy and harms to a baby from drinking alcohol. Use the information in this infosheet to review and inform consistent messaging about alcohol-free pregnancies on websites, in printed resources and in other communications. 

Only available to download.

Download (pdf, 116.18 KB)

Short-term effects of drinking alcohol poster

1 February 2018

A poster image of the short-term health effects of drinking alcohol. This image can also be downloaded and printed on your printer. A4 posters can also be ordered.


Download (pdf, 86.86 KB)

Long-term health effects of drinking alcohol poster

21 September 2017

A poster image of the long-term health effects of drinking alcohol. This image can also be downloaded and printed on your printer.  A4 posters can also be ordered.

Download (pdf, 86.8 KB)

Alcohol – The Body and Health Effects Book

1 August 2016

This publication provides a brief overview of the health and body effects of alcohol. It is a series of short summaries based on available evidence.

Download (pdf, 428.06 KB)

DrinkCheck pamphlet

12 May 2016

A popular pamphlet that includes:

  • the Drinkcheck questionnaire (WHO's AUDIT tool) to test drinking levels, with information on how to understand the results
  • low-risk alcohol drinking advice from Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency
  • information about standard drinks.
Download (pdf, 1.04 MB)

Straight up Guide to Standard Drinks pamphlet

30 April 2016

A pamphlet that explains what a standard drink is and shows how many standard drinks are in a range of types of alcoholic drinks.  

Download (pdf, 417.95 KB)

Alcohol Facts and Effects booklet

1 March 2016

This booklet outlines what alcohol is and what it does to the body, explains standard drinks, social harms caused by alcohol and benefits attributed to alcohol.

Download (pdf, 5.3 MB)

Early Intervention Addiction Plan

25 June 2015

Early Intervention Addiction Plan 2013–2017 by Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency outlines where Te Hiringa Hauora can contribute to achieving a broader and more integrated addiction intervention system.

This document is only available online or to download.

Download (pdf, 445.46 KB)