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Drugs in bars: A guide for licensees

4 March 2019

The Drugs in Bars Guide is for alcohol licensees and managers who have a duty to be responsible hosts to all customers, including those using substances like illicit drugs or medicines. The guide explains how having good policies, processes, responses, and training can reduce problems and harm to customers. It provides information about drug law and how to reduce substance-related problems in on-licensed premises.

This resource was developed by the NZ Drug Foundation, supported by HPA. More information about this guide can be found on the NZ Drug Foundation’s website here or you can order free copies from their resources page here. The resource can also be downloaded from the Foundation’s website and below.

Download (pdf, 743.19 KB)

Serving Alcohol SAFELY at Workplace Events

1 March 2019

This booklet SAFELY provides the key components of host responsibility at work social events for employers and gives advice for ensuring the safety of staff. 

Download (pdf, 137.02 KB)

Host responsibility: guidelines for licensed premises

1 February 2019

This is a booklet for bars, taverns, restaurants, cafes and clubs. It provides guidance on strategies and tools to assist staff in licensed premises meet host responsibility requirements under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. A sample host responsibility policy is included.

Download (pdf, 575.73 KB)

Intoxication Assessment Tool Poster

1 February 2019

A4 poster for use by the hospitality industry, licensed premises - bars and clubs, and police use. 

Download (pdf, 308.74 KB)

Date of Birth A3-sized poster

1 February 2019

 A3 poster with chart to help bar and security staff correctly calculate a patron’s age from their date of birth.

Download (pdf, 308.34 KB)

Guidelines for Managing Alcohol at Large Events

1 January 2019

The Guidelines for Managing Alcohol at Large Events book provides best-practice models and other guidance information. It is for individuals and agencies involved with ensuring that alcohol consumption at large events is managed legally and effectively.

Download (pdf, 952.91 KB)

The Manager's Guide

14 December 2018

A guidance book for managers of premises with alcohol licences. It provides information on the requirements for licensed premises under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and other relevant legislation. 

Download (pdf, 1.18 MB)

Transport fine sticker (A6 size)

1 December 2018

This A6 size sticker sign is for taxis. It is to assist drivers to advise their customers that they cannot consume alcohol in their vehicle.

Download (pdf, 52.18 KB)

Alcohol and Your Kids booklet

2 November 2018

A booklet for parents and caregivers with helpful information and advice about alcohol and teenagers. It includes:

  • tips about delaying their teens drinking as long as possible
  • information about being a good role model and building and maintaining a good relationships with teens
  • what the law says
  • what to do when things go wrong.

The information in this booklet can be found online - here.

Download (pdf, 2.01 MB)

National Guidance on Alcohol Promotions - On-licensed premises

1 November 2018

This guidance sheet is about alcohol advertising, promotions, activities and events that are likely to be considered acceptable or unacceptable in on-licensed premises under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. The Act has offences and penalties for certain ‘irresponsible’ alcohol promotions or activities.

Download (pdf, 166.62 KB)

Helping with Problem Drinking booklet

31 October 2018

A booklet for people who are working with people who are having trouble with their drinking. It outlines how to use the booklets in the Alcohol and Your Health series with the people they are working with.

Download (pdf, 262.77 KB)

Cutting Down booklet

31 October 2018

A booklet for people wanting to cut down their drinking.  It has information and practical tools to help. It is one of the six booklets in the Alcohol and Your Health series.

Download (pdf, 315.94 KB)

Maintaining the Change booklet

10 October 2018

A booklet for people who have changed the way they are drinking and want to maintain this change.  It contains information and tools to help stay on track or get back on track after a slip or relapse. It is one of the six Alcohol and Your Health series of booklets.

Download (pdf, 158.64 KB)

Helpseekers campaign flyer

1 October 2018

Double-sided Helpseekers campaign flyer.  It advertises the Alcohol Drug Helpline 0800 number and website.

Download (pdf, 331.75 KB)

Smashed n Stoned? programme workbooks

1 October 2018

These are the four workbooks for HPA's Smashed 'n Stoned? programme. Smashed 'n Stoned? is a facilited self-change programme to be run with groups of 13 to 18-year-olds whose alcohol and drug use puts them at risk.

Before ordering or using these workbooks, you need to have completed the programme facilitator training or be a qualified health professional, such as an AOD treatment or generic clinician. For training dates and locations, see the Events page in the website footer or go to

Download (pdf, 3.15 MB)