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Maintaining the Change booklet

10 October 2018

A booklet for people who have changed the way they are drinking and want to maintain this change.  It contains information and tools to help stay on track or get back on track after a slip or relapse. It is one of the six Alcohol and Your Health series of booklets.

Download (pdf, 158.64 KB)

Helpseekers campaign flyer

1 October 2018

Double-sided Helpseekers campaign flyer.  It advertises the Alcohol Drug Helpline 0800 number and website.

Download (pdf, 331.75 KB)

Smashed n Stoned? programme workbooks

1 October 2018

These are the four workbooks for HPA's Smashed 'n Stoned? programme. Smashed 'n Stoned? is a facilited self-change programme to be run with groups of 13 to 18-year-olds whose alcohol and drug use puts them at risk.

Before ordering or using these workbooks, you need to have completed the programme facilitator training or be a qualified health professional, such as an AOD treatment or generic clinician. For training dates and locations, see the Events page in the website footer or go to

Download (pdf, 3.15 MB)

Concerned about Someone's Drinking? booklet

30 September 2018

A booklet for people who are concerned about someone else's drinking and provides ideas about how to help others. It is one of the six booklets in the Alcohol and Your Health series.

Download (pdf, 210.65 KB)

Alcohol and Older People booklet

30 September 2018

A booklet for older people and their families, friends and carers. It is also for anyone interested in finding out more about alcohol and ageing.

It has information about:

  • how our bodies become less able to cope with alcohol as we age
  • how alcohol affects certain medicines and health conditions
  • how much alcohol is too much when you’re older
  • what older people can do if they think they have a drinking problem.
  • what family/whānau can do.
Download (pdf, 836.66 KB)

Alcohol and pregnancy pamphlet

12 September 2018

This is a new pamphlet for women and their families. It has information on why it's important not to drink while pregnant, the risks of drinking, and harms to a baby, including fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). It also has information about breastfeeding.

Download (pdf, 258.49 KB)

Date of Birth A4 poster

1 September 2018

A4 poster with a chart that helps bar and security staff to correctly calculate a patron’s age from their date of birth.

Download (pdf, 307.17 KB)

Check your Drinking Poster and Ad

3 July 2018

A landscape, printable poster or print ad (PDF format) that directs people to the Is your drinking okay? quiz on to test their drinking. The image includes the Say Yeah, Nah campaign logo.

A small square online ad (JPEG format) is also available to download here. This online ad image needs to be hyperlinked to 

Use the poster or online ad in e-newsletters and print newsletters, on websites and intranets, in social media posts, on TV screens and noticeboards in waiting rooms and workplace cafeterias and bathrooms.  

Download (pdf, 1.38 MB)

Our Stories book

3 July 2018

Our Stories is a small book (110 pages) that is a collection of personal stories about alcohol use and harm from the perspectives of diverse communities in the Auckland area. It has chapters with stories from:

  1. Ethnic voices
  2. Refugees
  3. Asian communities
  4. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex communities
  5. Disability community. 

It is only available as a downloaded eBook or PDF - here.

The above individual chapters can also be downloaded - here 


Club customer question bar sign poster

30 May 2018

A bar sign poster (A5 size) to remind customers in clubs that they can only purchase alcohol if they are an authorised customer.  

Download (pdf, 55.73 KB)

Club server question card - A

30 May 2018

A card (A6 size) to remind servers of alcohol in clubs to only serve alcohol to authorised customers. This version DOES NOT include ‘guests of a member of another club with reciprocal visiting rights’.

Check the conditions on your licence to see which card to order.

Download (pdf, 52.23 KB)

Club server question card - B

30 May 2018

A card (A6 size) to remind servers of alcohol in clubs to only serve alcohol to authorised customers. This version DOES include ‘guests of a member of another club with reciprocal visiting rights’.

Check the conditions on your licence to see which card to order.

Download (pdf, 52.73 KB)

Alcohol-free pregnancy key messages infosheet

3 May 2018

An infosheet with key national messages about alcohol-free pregnancy and harms to a baby from drinking alcohol. Use the information in this infosheet to review and inform consistent messaging about alcohol-free pregnancies on websites, in printed resources and in other communications. 

Only available to download.

Download (pdf, 116.18 KB)

Alcohol Management Plan template

10 April 2018

This blank downloadable template (MS Word) can be used to develop an alcohol management plan for any licensed premises. A WORD and PDF version of this template can be found here.

For large events, it should be used with the book resource Guidelines for Managing Alcohol at Large Events.

Download (docx, 22.45 KB)

Intoxication Assessment Tool (A6)

1 March 2018

Intoxication tool for hospitality industry, licensed premises - bars & clubs, and police use.  Size A6 for pocket use.

Download (pdf, 248.1 KB)