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Alcohol and Older People booklet

22 March 2016

A booklet for older people and their families, friends and carers. It is also for anyone interested in finding out more about alcohol and ageing.

It has information about:

  • how our bodies become less able to cope with alcohol as we age
  • how alcohol affects certain medicines and health conditions
  • how much alcohol is too much when you’re older
  • what older people can do if they think they have a drinking problem.
  • what family/whānau can do.
Download (pdf, 783.09 KB)

Stopping Drinking booklet

14 March 2016

A booklet to help people who have decided to stop drinking or are worried about their drinking and are looking for support to stop. It is one of the six booklets in the Alcohol and Your Health series.

Download (pdf, 188.61 KB)

Cutting Down booklet

4 March 2016

A booklet for people wanting to cut down their drinking.  It has information and practical tools to help. It is one of the six booklets in the Alcohol and Your Health series.

Download (pdf, 311.8 KB)

Alcohol Facts and Effects booklet

1 March 2016

This booklet outlines what alcohol is and what it does to the body, explains standard drinks, social harms caused by alcohol and benefits attributed to alcohol.

Download (pdf, 776.65 KB)

Maintaining the Change booklet

22 December 2015

A booklet for people who have changed the way they are drinking and want to maintain this change.  It contains information and tools to help stay on track or get back on track after a slip or relapse. It is one of the six Alcohol and Your Health series of booklets.

Download (pdf, 148.98 KB)

Bewildered - DVD & workbook

20 December 2015

A DVD (with stories from parents whose teenagers are experiencing problems with alcohol and/or drugs) and an accompanying workbook. It is for parents/caregivers of teenagers that have problematic alcohol and/or other drug use and associated behaviours. It focuses on the stories and the process of change of parents and young people.

Download (pdf, 7.8 MB)

Had enough? - DVD & workbook

30 November 2015

A DVD (which follows the journey of four people through their addiction, treatment and into their life of recovery) and an accompanying workbook. It is for people needing help to start to overcome any problems they may have with their drinking and/or drug use. 

Download (pdf, 288.77 KB)

Drinking and Your Baby pamphlet

27 November 2015

A pamphlet with advice about not drinking during pregnancy. It is in both English and Māori.

Download (pdf, 102.97 KB)

Is Your Drinking Okay? booklet

18 November 2015

A booklet to help people decide if their drinking is okay and provides tools to help them cut down or stop drinking. It is one of the six booklets in the Alcohol and Your Health series.

Download (pdf, 207.04 KB)

Transport fine sticker (A6 size)

18 November 2015

This A6 size sticker sign is for taxis. It is to assist drivers to advise their customers that they cannot consume alcohol in their vehicle.

Download (pdf, 47.74 KB)

Guidelines for CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) for licensed premises

18 November 2015

The Guidelines for CPTED - Crime Prevention through Environmental Design for licensed premises book (40 pages) provides guidance information for regulatory agencies, licencees, safety planners, security providers and others who have a role in establishing and maintaining a safe and secure environment in licensed premises. 

Download (pdf, 1.12 MB)

HPA's Early Intervention Addiction Plan

25 June 2015

HPA's Early Intervention Addiction Plan 2013–2017 outlines where HPA can contribute to achieving a broader and more integrated addiction intervention system.

This document is only available online or to download.

Download (pdf, 445.46 KB)

Ruby's Dad children's book with guidelines for schools

10 June 2015

A children's book called Ruby's Dad with guidelines for schools on how to use Ruby's Dad with children aged 6-11 years whose parent or relative has a drinking problem. It is not to be used in classroom settings.

The storyline is that Ruby's Dad begins to drink too much and things change in Ruby's family. After some difficult times, Dad gets the help he needs to stop drinking.

Download (pdf, 2.87 MB)

A3 Helpseekers campaign poster - All messages

10 June 2015

A3 Helpseekers campaign poster that advertises the Alcohol Drug Helpline 0800 number and website.

Download (pdf, 377.05 KB)

A3 Helpseekers campaign poster - Handcuffs

10 June 2015

A3 Helpseekers campaign poster that advertises the Alcohol Drug Helpline 0800 number and website.

Download (pdf, 317.48 KB)