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Have your say about alcohol in your community

9 June 2015

This booklet explains how to have a say about the sale and supply of alcohol in your community. 


Download (pdf, 120.41 KB)

Intoxication Prevention Tool A3

2 June 2015

A3 Poster with information and advice to prevention intoxication on licensed premises. 

Download (pdf, 93.53 KB)

On The Way Slow down Poster

9 March 2015

An A4 poster for licensed premises.

Download (pdf, 60.17 KB)

Alcohol and Your Kids booklet

1 March 2015

A booklet for parents and caregivers with helpful information and advice about alcohol and teenagers. It includes:

  • tips about delaying their teens drinking as long as possible
  • information about being a good role model and building and maintaining a good relationships with teens
  • what the law says
  • what to do when things go wrong.

This booklet is currently unavailable as it is being updated.  It will be available again for ordering in July 2018.

The information in this booklet can be found online - here.


Our Stories book

12 December 2014

Our Stories is a small book (110 pages) that is a collection of personal stories about alcohol use and harm from the perspectives of diverse communities in the Auckland area. It has chapters with stories from:

  1. Ethnic voices
  2. Refugees
  3. Asian communities
  4. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex communities
  5. Disability community. 

It is available as a printed book to order or can be downloaded as an eBook or PDF - here.

The above individual chapters can also be downloaded - here 


Ruby's Dad children's book with guidelines for parents

20 August 2014

A children's book called Ruby's Dad with guidelines for parents on how to use this book with their child. It is a book for children aged 6-11 years whose parent or relative has a drinking problem.

The storyline is that Ruby's Dad begins to drink too much and things change in Ruby's family. After some difficult times, Dad gets the help he needs to stop drinking.

Download (pdf, 2.71 MB)

Ruby's Dad children's book with guidelines for clinicians

16 August 2014

A children's book called Ruby's Dad with guidelines for clinicians on how to use Ruby's Dad as part of their work. It is for children aged 6-11 years whose parent or relative has a drinking problem. It is an honest, encouraging story to help children and families talk about alcohol and how it can affect family life.

Download (pdf, 3.94 MB)

M.A.P resource for young people

13 August 2014

The M.A.P (My Aspirations & Potential) resource is a fold out A3 worksheet. It is a visual goal setting tool that can help young people to map out their skills, social connections, hopes, and aspirations. It also helps to identify how alcohol use may be impacting on these goals and be used as a trigger for making changes.

It can be used by individuals and with groups. This resource may be a useful tool for students working on the NCEA Health Education Achievement Standard 1.1 'Take action to enhance an aspect of personal well-being'.

Download (pdf, 4.91 MB)

A practical tool for engaging young people

23 July 2014

This youth paricipation tool outlines the practical elements of engaging young people in the process of developing and implementing alcohol-related initiatives.

This resource is only available online or to download.

Download (pdf, 739.15 KB)

Drinking and Your Baby pamphlet - Niuean

14 June 2014

This pamphlet contains advice about not drinking during pregnancy in the Niuean language.

It is only available online or to download.

Download (pdf, 2.27 MB)

Drinking and Your Baby pamphlet - Fijian

13 June 2014

This pamphlet has advice about not drinking during pregnancy in the Fijian language.

It is only available online or to download. 

Download (pdf, 833.42 KB)

Serving Alcohol SAFELY at Workplace Events

9 June 2014

This booklet SAFELY provides the key components of host responsibility at work social events for employers and gives advice for ensuring the safety of staff. 

Download (pdf, 141.12 KB)

Guidelines for Safe Zones at Large Events

17 December 2013

An A4 guideline document about safe zones at large events.  It is for event organisers and Safe Zone providers and helps them plan for and provide a Safe Zones for intoxicated patrons at large events, as part of an Alcohol Management Plan. These Guidelines supplement, and should be used in conjunction, with the HPA's Guidelines for Managing Alcohol at Large Events which recommends that it is sensible for organisers of large events to provide a safe place for intoxicated patrons.

Download (pdf, 6.69 MB)

Drinking and Your Baby pamphlet - Samoan

14 June 2013

This pamphlet has advice about not drinking during pregnancy in the Samoan language.

It is only available online or to download. 

Download (pdf, 1.05 MB)

Alcohol Accords Book

13 June 2013

This is a guideline document to assist communities with the development of alcohol accords to minimise alcohol related harm.

This resource is only available electronically.

Download (pdf, 407.46 KB)