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National Guidance on Alcohol Promotions - On-licensed premises

1 September 2017

This guidance sheet is about alcohol advertising, promotions, activities and events that are likely to be considered acceptable or unacceptable in on-licensed premises under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. The Act has offences and penalties for certain ‘irresponsible’ alcohol promotions or activities.

Download (pdf, 180.25 KB)

The Law - off-licensed premises A4 sign

27 July 2017

An A4 signage poster for off-licensed premises.  It reminds customers of the law that intoxicated people will not be served alcohol or allowed on the premises and the ID they need to show to be served alcohol if they look under 25.


Date of Birth A4 poster

1 July 2017

A4 poster with a chart that helps bar and security staff to correctly calculate a patron’s age from their date of birth.

Download (pdf, 314 KB)

Date of Birth card

6 June 2017

Date of Birth pocket sized cards for bar and security staff to assist them correctly calculate a patron’s age from their date of birth. The information on the cards is also available as A3 and/or A4 posters.

Download (pdf, 299.43 KB)

Intoxication Assessment Tool (A6)

1 June 2017

Intoxication tool for hospitality industry, licensed premises - bars & clubs, and police use.  Size A6 for pocket use.

Download (pdf, 240.64 KB)

National guidance on remote sales of alcohol

14 December 2016

This short guidance document is for individuals and businesses who sell alcohol remotely. It describes the types of remote sellers and the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 requirements that need to be met to sell alcohol remotely.

Download (pdf, 121.61 KB)

Alcohol – The Body and Health Effects Book

1 August 2016

This publication provides a brief overview of the health and body effects of alcohol. It is a series of short summaries based on available evidence.

Download (pdf, 428.06 KB)

DrinkCheck pamphlet

12 May 2016

A popular pamplet that includes:

  • the Drinkcheck questionnaire (WHO's AUDIT tool) to test drinking levels, with information on how to understand the results
  • HPA's low-risk alcohol drinking advice
  • information about standard drinks.
Download (pdf, 449.82 KB)

Ki te Ao Mārama - DVD & workbook

12 May 2016

A DVD (which follows the journey of three people through their addiction, treatment and into their life of recovery) and an accompanying workbook. It is for Māori who are needing help to overcome any problems they may have with their alcohol and/or drug use. 

Download (pdf, 1.74 MB)

Straight up Guide to Standard Drinks pamphlet

30 April 2016

A pamphlet that explains what a standard drink is and shows how many standard drinks are in a range of types of alcoholic drinks.  

Download (pdf, 438.42 KB)

Stopping Drinking booklet

14 March 2016

A booklet to help people who have decided to stop drinking or are worried about their drinking and are looking for support to stop. It is one of the six booklets in the Alcohol and Your Health series.

Download (pdf, 188.61 KB)

Alcohol Facts and Effects booklet

1 March 2016

This booklet outlines what alcohol is and what it does to the body, explains standard drinks, social harms caused by alcohol and benefits attributed to alcohol.

Download (pdf, 776.65 KB)

Bewildered - DVD & workbook

20 December 2015

A DVD (with stories from parents whose teenagers are experiencing problems with alcohol and/or drugs) and an accompanying workbook. It is for parents/caregivers of teenagers that have problematic alcohol and/or other drug use and associated behaviours. It focuses on the stories and the process of change of parents and young people.

Download (pdf, 7.8 MB)

Had enough? - DVD & workbook

30 November 2015

A DVD (which follows the journey of four people through their addiction, treatment and into their life of recovery) and an accompanying workbook. It is for people needing help to start to overcome any problems they may have with their drinking and/or drug use. 

Download (pdf, 288.77 KB)

Is Your Drinking Okay? booklet

18 November 2015

A booklet to help people decide if their drinking is okay and provides tools to help them cut down or stop drinking. It is one of the six booklets in the Alcohol and Your Health series.

Download (pdf, 207.04 KB)