Department of Lost Nights

People drink too much because they think it leads to good times. But drinking too much can keep you from being part of the action and lead to you forgetting the good times.

Fear of missing out or FOMO lies at the core of Department of Lost Nights, the latest phase of the Say Yeah, Nah campaign, launched on 4 February 2018.

The story is based on our main character who feels like he’s missed out. While on a night out with his friends who choose to ease up, he has too much to drink and gets a visit from The Department of Lost Nights – a group of workmen who come into his head and repossess his memories. In the morning he wakes up with a hangover and a sense of loss.

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About Say Yeah, Nah – The Department of Lost Nights

The campaign aims to re-energise the messaging used in the 2013 “No more beersies for you” advertisement – to provide people with a language they could use to say ‘no’ to alcohol. 

Key messages and audience

  • When you drink too much, you risk missing out on the good times.
  • ‘Yeah Nah’ is a great way to say you don’t want another drink.
  • Say ‘Yeah, Nah’ and ease up on the drink.

The target audience is 18 to 24-year-olds, as they drink more frequently and at riskier levels than other age groups. The elements developed for the campaign, including advertising content and media placement, are all targeted to this age group. The elements are designed to be easily shared on social media and generate ‘talkability’ amongst the target audience. Media focuses on digital environments and will reach young people across New Zealand. If you don’t see a lot of the advertising you may not be in the target audience.

Advertising Channels

Advertising launched on 4 February 2018 and runs until the end of June 2018. It will run across a variety of channels including:

  • television – TV2, Three, The Edge TV, Duke, Vice
  • online video – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vice
  • digital display – range of sites including Spotify and Snapchat
  • social – Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook
  • out-of-home – bars and street posters.

Supporting the campaign 

Resources are available in a digital toolkit on this website for community organisations and others to use to promote Say Yeah, Nah campaign messaging in local communities.  Resources include:

  • video content
  • links to social media content
  • an email banner
  • a poster
  • infosheets.   ​

Go to the digital toolkit for resources

Keep checking the toolkit as further content will be added over time.