Videos - ideas for talking to your teenagers

Video 01 - Delaying drinking

Research shows that the younger your child starts drinking, the more likely it is they will go on to drink harmfully in the future.

Lucy wants to go to a party where there will be alcohol. The video above looks at how to maintain the boundaries you have agreed around drinking with your child, even when it is hard going.

Video 02 - Express consent and supervised drinking

As your teen gets older, you might find that their social lives begin to incorporate alcohol.

Aizak’s Mum wants to ensure that if her son is going to be drinking then it is happening in a supervised environment. The video above looks at the steps you can take, so that if your child is going to be drinking, they do so in a safe and controlled environment.

Video 03 - Excessive drinking

Mistakes with alcohol can happen, no matter how much guidance you try to give your teen.

The video above looks at what happens when Josh slips up with alcohol and how the situation can be handled to help your teen to drink responsibly and stay safe in the future.