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Waerea te Rangi e tū nei,
Waerea te Papa e takoto nei,
Waerea ngā maunga tapu,
Waerea te ara whānui a Tāne
ki te tāepaepatanga o te rangi,
Waerea te papa e takoto nei,
Puritia kia ū,
Puritia kia mau!

Let's reduce alcohol harm together

Amohia Te Waiora - We’re stronger without alcohol encourages us to do something about the effect alcohol has on ourselves, our whānau and our communities. Amohia Te Waiora means to 'uphold wellness'.


Our hauora is our health and wellbeing. Explore how alcohol can affect the different dimensions of our hauora, and how you can protect you and your whānau from harm.

Impacts of alcohol

Understand the culture of alcohol harm in Aotearoa by exploring our history and stories from our people, and learn how you can be a community advocate.
"I want to see my children have a better life. I want to see my grandchildren, when I see them, be brought up in a better lifestyle. And it's happening you know. It's happening for me now. So I'm glad for those choices I made."
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Professional support near you

Support is available throughout Aotearoa for people who are experiencing alcohol harm and those around them.

Making a change

Making the decision to cut down is a big first step towards a better future for you and your whānau.

Talking to someone about their drinking

Having an open kōrero about someone's drinking takes courage, but we all have our parts to play in breaking the cycle. resources

Information for the research, education, territorial authorities, District Licencing Committees, regulatory agencies and policy sectors.