Approved ID

Young people (18+ years) need to provide photographic proof of age to purchase alcohol or to get into some types of licensed premises.

The forms of ID that have been approved under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Regulations 2013 are:

  • any current passport
  • a current New Zealand driver licence
  • a Hospitality NZ 18+ Card - New 18+ Cards are no longer available but existing 18+ Cards continue to be valid ID for 10 years from the date of issue.
  • a Kiwi Access Card - This new Hospitality NZ card replaces the 18+ Card and is available for both NZ nationals and foreign visitors. The card will cost you $55 and is valid for 10 years. You can download a Kiwi Access Card application form or pick up one up at your nearest NZ PostShop or AA Centre. For more information and FAQs, go to the Kiwi Access Card website