Using the standard drink icon

Using the Standard Drinks icon

Need access to a Standard Drinks icon on a label or for marketing or communications? 

It is free but there are brand guidelines that you will need to follow when using the icon. The guidelines provide information about correct usage of the standard drinks icon. 

How to access the standard drinks icon

Go to and follow the instructions:

  • You will need to sign-up (register) or login (if you are already registered for this site).
  • Search for the image/file you want and request to download it.
  • You may be asked to give a reason for using the asset (the Standard Drinks icon).
  • Depending on your request, it may be actioned immediately or within a few hours (usually sooner).
  • You will receive an email advising whether your request has been approved or declined.
  • If approved, click on the link in the email to go back to the website to download the requested image. (At any time if you are having problems click the help button on the top right-hand side of the webpage.)

NOTE: You must download the brand guidelines specifying how the logo/icon is to be displayed.

Further information

Labelling of Alcohol Beverages User Guide 2014 on Food Standards Australia New Zealand’s website.