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Alcohol Journeys is a website where whānau share stories anonymously about alcohol in their lives, to help others to think about their own journeys, and take steps to make change.

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There are currently two stories on the website. We are looking for more from across Aotearoa.

The stories are anonymous. The voices are real, but names and identifying details are changed.

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Our kaupapa

The aim of this mahi is to share real stories of change, to encourage whānau to have their own brave conversations about how to ease up on their drinking.

Why a story format?

In 2018 Te Hiringa Hauora Health Promotion Agency began working with Māori to learn how we can support people to cut back on heavy drinking. We had found that while many people believe that they have cut back, they are still drinking at levels that put them at risk of long-term physical and social harm.

Māori communities told us that hearing personal stories about drinking less encourages them to have brave conversations in their whānau about the role of alcohol, and to think about making a change in their own lives. This led us to create the Alcohol Journeys storytelling audio experience.

Listen to the stories at Alcohol Journeys.