What family and friends can do

Kind listening and practical support can help a person who wants to make healthier choices around alcohol.

Listen carefully to what they say. Be respectful of their ideas and decisions.

Talk together about practical things you could do to help, such as:

  • finding more information on how much alcohol is safe for them to drink
  • providing more or better non-alcoholic drinks
  • looking at their medicines’ labels to see what they say about alcohol
  • checking if their health conditions could make drinking a problem
  • doing things to help reduce loneliness, worry or boredom (eg, taking them to see friends)
  • going with them on visits to a doctor, pharmacist or other health professional for further information
  • contacting the Alcohol Drug Helpline – 0800 787 797, visit their website, or free txt 8681 on their behalf and with their agreement.

Look after yourself too

Caring for or supporting a person who has a drinking problem can be stressful.

Discussing your concerns with someone outside the situation may be useful. The Alcohol Drug Helpline can help you – call 0800 787 797, visit their website, or free txt 8681 for confidential advice.