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My spiritual experiences started when I was about 11.

Well, the first time I saw something was a kuia who I didn't know who she was, but I saw a photo of her later, and I never knew my mom's grandmother. So i saw that it was her. And she had come to me so lovingly and she even kissed me and I thought this was a beautiful lady coming to say hello.

I was half asleep. And then I went to sit up and she was giving me a kiss and then she floated out the window. And then I was very scared.

Yeah, but you have enough of those and you soon, you know, the fear goes away. I try to encourage, you know, what kinds of healing mediums that they use for themselves, what makes them feel good? What kinds of people make them feel good? It's really about understanding that some energy doesn't serve them and that they have a choice to be in that or not.

I'm a water person. I love water. And I know that's my [inaudible], because
we've been brought up in the Waiariki, we're in the hot water everywhere. And we have access to that, so just being in hot baths, really, well...Whether it's in the ngāwhā, in the Soda Spring or wherever, just so long as it's warm. It really does me a lot of good. If the stars are out and you're in it, it's even better. Some people like fire, actually.
Some people like to be in front of a fire, around fire, it's really...makes them feel energetic. Some people love water. Water's a cleanser. They love being in the water to cleanse themselves.

Some people lover colour, it doesn't matter. And they choose their colours. So whatever the medium that is, that's going to feed their wairua. And some people don't know what that is. But I like to believe that everyone has an experience of having felt really good and well and happy. And that's the spaces they should stay in as much as possible.