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Seeing change

It took years to actually trust, and I’m saying a few years... maybe when I was 19, to start trusting the process that she has changed.

I guess trusting her to know when to stop, and she did stop. There was a couple of times, I think. Maybe once we had family around and she decided to have a drink. So when she said, “No more I’m going to bed.” And she did.

She was kinder. She wasn’t as hard as she was when she was younger. Yeah, it’s kind of hard to explain.

Yeah, and it wasn’t until her self-healing I guess you could call it, was starting to happen for her, that we realised there is a change, we can see it.

But gradually, things started shifting and that’s when the trust started building back up. Sharing bits and pieces and knowing she’s actually listening and you’re not going to get a thump for it because you said something she didn’t like.