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I ended up going to courses, alcohol courses. But still I needed a bit more... I needed a bit more help, because I was still drinking and I was spending all the money. No food in the cupboards. My wife was getting sick. I wasn't around. I was drinking with my mate and dad. That's all I was doing. Was drinking and lying to my wife.

And I thought, “woah this is enough, aye”. I have had enough.

So again, I went to the courses. I really enjoyed it... well ,me doing all that sort of stuff was, um, good for me. But it was hard for my wife cause I was always away. But not drinking, learning alot of other stuff. Which was good for me.

Best thing I ever did was stop.

But now I’m just wanting to get my license back because of what I done drink driving. It was a stupid thing that I actually done... to get behind the wheel when I was drinking. It was the stupidest thing I ever done. And it was just going down the road to take my niece home. Never do that again.

You know I could have killed someone. Getting behind a wheel and I thought nah thats enough, I don’t want to do that. I don't want to hurt anyone else.