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My husband

I was invited to a birthday party... oh no, it wasn’t a birthday party. It was an unveiling, sorry. And one of my cousins said “oh you will be coming up for that” and I said ok, so I took off. And that is how I met him, my husband. Both of us drink. If we can get the beer we will drink it, we will do anything to get beer. This is me and my husband.

He used to bash me around. But I was brought up with if they hit you, you hit them back. So that's what I used to do. When he used to hit me, c’mon then, put up a bloody stick and wack him, “if you touch me again your gonna get it”. He kept himself straight I was like “yeah, bring it on, boy”.

My drinking got worse. It got worse where the police station was like my second home. I was always picked up as the street drunk. They would lock me up and say “you’re not going home until you sober up”. Then I would get released again. Then another phone call I would get arrested again cause I’m assaulting him. He would get the police onto me.