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Seeing my children live a better life

You know, my children, they just all came to me, and put their arms around me and they thanked me for making that choice. And they could still already see the change in me. And I thought, “Nah I’m going to stick at this”. Because I want to see my children have a better life. I want to see my grandchildren, when I see them be brought up in a better lifestyle.

And it’s happening, you know. It’s happening for me now. So I'm glad for those choices I made.

Had to look inside myself and say, “what’s wrong with you?. It's not everyone else around you”. Because that’s what I was doing: taking my whole life experience, all the hurt out on the people around me, the ones that loved me the most. The ones that I loved the most, I hurt the most.

I can see how it can be passed down, a thing that can be passed down from generation to generation. Like, yeah, when I know when I think back if I had talked to them in goodness first. We might not have seen these problems later, you know. So now I see myself reaching out to my children and asking them if they need help. “You know, do you need help with your drinking?”