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Kete of tricks

DAVE: To say that I’m connected back to my whakapapa and stuff
INTERVIEWER: But when you do?
DAVE: I’m happy with it. Driving down the road and you get three green traffic lights in a row and you go, “Thank you.”
INTERVIEWER: It’s a good day, the traffic light gods are with me!
DAVE: Yeah, it’s all those things. I don’t know how to define it and it’s not my place to define it. I just know that it is and somehow it all fits together into the greater scheme of things, but I’m not privy to that information.
INTERVIEWER: But your life is definitely a million times better?
DAVE: Oh, a million times better. I still have the same problems I had, but I’ve learned how to deal with them.
INTERVIEWER: You manage your problems better.
DAVE: I manage my problems better. I’ve got my own kete of tricks which I come back on.
INTERVIEWER: Tell me what’s in your kete of tricks
some things?"
INTERVIEWER: So, it's a kete that helps you move forward?"
DAVE: Yeah.