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Mother-daughter relationship

I never really told mum about our side of things and growing up, watching her behaviours, and whatnot. So, it’s probably the first time she’s hearing about it. Hopefully, it helps heal even more. That’s all I can say. Maybe it will help my brothers. Us going through it, it’s going to be difficult to talk about it, but when you start opening up you open up channels to heal... and it’s probably what I’ve picked up from mum, is that she’s gone through different ways of healing through her journey. Her talking about what she’s done and what not, you sort of take onboard different ways on how to help heal yourself.

I can totally understand what someone would do to escape and what not, but then you’ve got to start owning your own stuff. All your own bullshit, I like to call it, and start, “okay, well this has happened, how am I going to heal that”.